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What is The "Gold Leaf Standard" ?

Why engage with The "Gold Leaf Standard" ?

What is The "Gold Leaf Standard" ?

A framework of internationally recognized protocols developed by industry experts to offer the ultimate in risk management for your facility and crop.


Safety and Compliance

Why engage with The "Gold Leaf Standard" ?

What is The "Gold Leaf Standard" ?

Operational and auditing controls to manage product safety, integrity, legality and quality. CHA and FDA accredited products with international acceptance in horticultural production facilities.


Why engage with The "Gold Leaf Standard" ?

Why engage with The "Gold Leaf Standard" ?

Why engage with The "Gold Leaf Standard" ?

Worldwide expertise providing  the highest standards of operation to give the ultimate in customer and market confidence

The Gold Leaf Standard


Setting The "Gold Leaf Standard"

In a  recent report from a leading legal company, one of the latest Government Task Force recommendations focused on the establishment of safe and responsible production systems for Licensed Producers under the CTLS in Canada and internationally recognized requirements for those clients outside of Canada.

The recommendations stipulated that the government's principle interest should be to  establish an "effective, accountable, and transparent system" for regulatory oversight of the cannabis supply chain emphasizing the protection of health and safety.

The advancement and stability of the marijuana market stands to improve when insurers are more confident in the ability to use risk management metrics through accepted practices and standards for analysis, manufacturing and transportation of products.

Prescribers, patients, consumers and producers need to be assured their product is free from pesticide residues, chemical contaminants and bio-burden.

In a market that is growing exponentially, Standards of Production have to be maintained at the highest level to ensure that not just the product quality is  at its highest but also, in order to provide that quality, the cleanliness and quality of growing environment and worker safety is also addressed.

Necessary training, instruction, education and levels of performance in all aspects of the cultivation process should be observed.

The "Gold Leaf Standard" offers guidance and direction from achieving the best building maintenance practices to protective equipment usage ,prevention of workplace injury,chemical usage and beyond.


       The "Gold Leaf Standard "for Marijuana Horticulture has been developed by industry experts to ensure rigorous and detailed, yet easy to understand, operational controls are available to manage product integrity, quality, safety and legality. First published in 2016 it is now in its 3rd. issue and well established as defined by many leading marijuana producers.

   It provides a framework to manage operational controls and criteria in the marijuana growing, manufacturing, processing and packing industry. 

  The "Gold Leaf Standard" focuses on:  

• The importance of management commitment. 

• Hazard Analysis based safety programs. 

• Quality management systems. 

• Auditing good manufacturing processes – it is not just a paperwork audit.

• Auditing areas which often have the highest rate of product recalls and withdrawals, such as pesticides, chemical residues, labeling and packing.

 • Developing systems to reduce exposure to contamination. 

• Ensuring consistency of the audit process. 

• Providing a "Gold Leaf Standard"that is portable enough to allow Additional Modules to be added to reduce audit burden.

• Promoting greater resilience, transparency and traceability in the supply chain.

       The" Gold Leaf Standard" is divided into seven sections:  


Consistent product safety is the responsibility of everyone within the company, however, the starting point for an effective marijuana safety plan is the commitment of senior management to the implementation of the "Gold Leaf Standard" and continual development. This includes providing adequate resources, effective communication, system reviews, actions taken and opportunities for improvement. 


With the implementation of legalizing recreational marijuana a new standard of production has to be implemented in the license producers in the ACMPR to ensure product purity and consistent quality.  


 This section sets out the requirements for the management of plant safety and quality. This includes requirements for product specifications, supplier approval, traceability, and the management of incidents and product recalls. 


This section sets out expectations for the production environment including the layout and maintenance of the buildings and equipment, cleaning, pest control, waste management and foreign body controls. 


The requirements for product design and development stage including allergen management, product and ingredient provenance, product packaging and product inspection and testing.  


The establishment and maintenance of safe process controls, weight/volume control and equipment calibration, and ensures the documented "Gold Leaf Standard "plan is put into practice. 


This section sets out the standards needed for staff training, protective clothing and personal hygiene.    



 The "Gold Leaf Standard "will ensure your customers have confidence in your production programs and supply chain management.  


 All our audits are carried out by a global network of highly trained certification bodies and training partners .


 Global recognition reduces the need for duplicate audits.   


We have an established, highly experienced "Gold Leaf Standard" Technical Team that provides support and is available to answer any technical questions and provide on site training for your staff.   


 By incorporating the "Gold Leaf Standard" into your Standards of Operation , you provide an extra layer of quality assurance and security, allowing your consumers to be assured of your commitment to provide the purest product possible.  

Our Team Of Experts



           Stephanie Wilmott

Founder Eco Verde Ventures .Founder and Associate Gold Leaf Standard Certification.  

 Stephanie was trained as a podiatrist, graduating from University of Manchester in 1985( DPodM , MCh S, member CPSM). She served as an assistant medical provider in the Third World for three years, developing a keen sense of the importance of practical impacts on people’s lives and well-being. Returning to the UK, Stephanie embarked on a career in retail marketing management, working with grocery retail, fine brands with Verve Clicquot, and personal care products marketing with Aveda. With Aveda, Stephanie was responsible for retail business development, new accounts, and brand management in the South of England. The eventual sale of Aveda to Estee Lauder netted over $400 million. Having created her own complimentary therapy center, she continued her professional development studying surgery through Matthew Boulton College and Cannock Orthopedic Hospital. Arriving in Victoria BC in 2005 with her then young family, she utilized her knowledge base to create a range of eco friendly, paraben and chemical free skin care products and then through an association with Natureworks LLC created a range of fully compostable baby diapers and feminine hygiene products as the basis for “Broody Chick Natural Products”. Working to reduce carbon footprint and protection of eco system and environment played a pivotal role in Stephanie’s interest in medicinal use and application of Cannabis.  

In 2015, an association with multiple recreational growing operations in Washington State whilst establishing “green” cleaning protocols and studying the effects of measurable bio-burden and ATP levels to predict potential contamination risk, the concept of affording predesigned Standards of Operation for licensed producers was established. Following a course in Plant Production and Facility Management specific to the cannabis vertical through KPU in Vancouver, the provision of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) Quality Control (QC) and Good Documentation Practices (GDP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to European standard aligned to the ACMPR requirement under Heath Canada, formed the base for Gold Leaf Standard certification., As a company  still in its infant stage ,it is  rapidly developing with associates across Canada, North America and Europe to meet the emerging medical and recreational market. Stephanie is currently studying, Plant science and GMP Pharma and GDP training with Hygiene and Microbiology through “Concept Heidelberg” at the European Compliance Academy, Europe’s leading provider for advanced training in pharmaceutical QA and drug safety.Stephanie recently attained her GMP Pharmaceutical Quality Systems (GMP PQS)Auditor/Lead Auditor certificate and is a member of IRCA. 

Stephanie has also working directly with  a number of licensed producers in South America, South Africa, Canada and Europe to ensure  that facilities and growing practices and procedures are compliant with European standards for Good manufacturing and distribution( GMP, GDP) and Good agricultural and collection practices(GACP) are in place.



  Michael Waddington, 

Director Business Development,HVAC.Specialist Consultant.

Mike has been involved in the HVAC specialist sector for over 13 years and heads up our team of HVAC specialist technicians and has been instrumental in developing strategies and business services in the analysis of Mould, Fungus and Bacteria found in various HVAC systems across many fields.

In addition he has developed specific filtration systems that will reduce the Bio-Burden in Clean rooms,Horticultural environments, Operating theatre, Mine applications and Data centres. 

   Notable projects: 

  Casinos; The first-ever Gaming Vision Award for Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Design at the inaugural G2E Institute, May 9—11 2006 in Las Vegas.

   Hospitals; We comply with CSA Z317.13. For infection control during construction or maintenance to contain any debris or removed materials to prevent downstream contamination of the Hospital. We have supplied operating theaters with HEPA filtered air during system maintenance. 

  Prisons; Complete cleaning and refurbishment of HVAC systems in Prisons both Federal and Provincial. 

  Marine/ Navy; Various vessels; Supply accommodation vessels in the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean. Ferries, RORO, Cruise lines, Cargo ships, Sea class Tug Boats and private Yachts are part of our customer portfolio. This work includes a survey of the Bio Loads in the ships/vessels and then subsequent removal and introduction of continuous prevention methods.

   In addition we have the following experience in: · refineries, smelters for corrosion control and protection of electronics and compressors, · wastewater treatment plants for odor and corrosive gas control, · offices for general HVAC, occupational health safety, and computer longevity, · restaurants and institutions for kitchen exhaust and odour control, · museums and archives to maintain low contaminate gas levels and/or particulate levels for the protection of priceless art and artifacts.  

 Ms.    Jennifer    Larry 

Founder and President , CBD Strategy Group 

Ms.Larry is the Founder and President of    CBD Strategy Group  Inc. a commercial marketing, brand development, and  business strategy group helping businesses  thrive  inside the box of cannabis  regulation.With a full time focus on cannabis,  Ms. Larry spends her  time working  with a  variety of public and private companies across the medical and non-­‐medical marketplace.    

Over the past 20 years, Jennifer has worked with  national and international  companies, across multiple emerging and regulated sectors.    Businesses have  included: Sony Music, Universal Music, British American Tobacco,  Trans Canada, Sanofi Health, Essilor Optical, and Proctor &    Gamble. Her extensive experience enables her  to develop strategies in markets and categories that are in a state of  disruption, and ban traditional    marketing and branding. Ms. Larry  is  well known  for her ability to forecast trends, and leverage business intelligence  to lead  change across organizations.  

Jennifer is also the Founder  of the Cannabis Education Guild, an association  focused  on global  cannabis education, and social good. When she    first entered  the Cannabis industry, Ms. Larry worked in  the medical cannabis  space helping  clinics, educating  doctors, and industry    professionals. Through her efforts, she  began helping licensed producers develop medical market launches, patient tool  kits, and health care  professional  communications.    

Jennifer is  regularly invited to speak at key  industry  conferences across  Canada  and abroad.She has  also  been interviewed and cited across    multiple national and  international publications. Currently Ms. Larry is an advisor at  the National  Institute of Cannabis Investors, as well as a mentor at  Growtech  Labs.


F. Christopher Ansley, P. Eng.

Chief Project and Facility Design manager

Education: B.SC., Civil Engineering, Queen's University;

M.A. SC., Project Management, University of Waterloo; O.P.M./M.B.A., Finance, Harvard University;

Certifications: Registered Professional Engineer ("P. Eng."); Licensed General Contractor;

Licensed Project Manager:

Experience: President and CEO of the Dev-con LLC, Group of Companies; President and CEO of Signature Properties LLC;

President and CEO of Citicom Inc;

Director of Dundee Capital and the Dynamic Funds; Board of Governors for the University of Waterloo;

Equity Partners: Yale University Endowment Fund; Warburg Pincus;

The Herman Family Trust; The Fireman Family Trust; Dundee Capital;

Significant Consulting Projects:

1. Labatt's Brewery, Montreal, Toronto and London, Project Manage the design and construction of three breweries and bottling plants;

2. Ault Milk, Toronto, Project Managed the design, construction and commissioning of a dairy produce plant;

   3. Laura Secord's, Toronto, Proj.ect Managed the design, construction and commissioning of a candy plant;

     4. Rideau Centre, Ottawa, Project Managed the participation agreements and entitlements with four levels of government, the design and construction of 2-million square feet of mixed-use office/reta l/hotel/convention centre/residential development which revitali'zed Canada Js Capital City across from its Parliament buildings;

5. Rio Nuevo, City of Tucson, Project Managed the master planning 40-acres purchased by the City including the grid system, zonings design,nations, design criteria, environmental standard for use of materials, recapture of rain and grey water and condensate from central cooling plants - all regulated by imposing a lien of CC&R's on each designated parcel.

Significant Development Projects:

1. Holland Cross, Ottawa, the redeveloprnent of abandoned industrial plants into a mixed-use office/retail/condo complex;

                         2. Les Cour du .St. Patrick, Quebec City, the redevelopment of Cathedral and Seminary into a mixed-use commercial and  residential project in the heart of Quebec City

3. Le Quatre Saison, Montreal, the development of the 250 room Four Seasons Hotel in the heat of Montreal;

4. The Four Seasons in San Francisco, the redevelopment of the old Cliff Hotel in San Francisco to the standards set by the Four Seasons;

5.  One Toronto Place, Toronto, the development of an open ground parking lot to 1-million square feet of mixed-use office/retail and condo in the heart of downtown Toronto;

6.  The Key Bank Centre, Buffalo N.Y., as part of the redevelopment of downtown Buffalo, Dev-Con developed two office towers with retail, underground parking distinguished by public-outdoor Rockefeller skating arena at the entrance.

7.  Hans lollick Island, U.S. Virgin Islands, after the purchasing the fifth largest island in a chain of fifty islands, Dev-con environmentally, mapped the terrestrial and marine environments with Jim Dobbin Inc., Woods Hole and

  Jacque Cousteau to develop a master p an (that included sanctuaries to preserve the flora and fauna, reefs and fish spanning} to obtain the entitlements. Upon receipt of the approvals the island was sold to a local investor fronting for the government;

8. Harbor Hills, Florida, a 2700-acre master-planned resort community that included a large clubhouse/recreational centre/restaurants, golf courses and a large out-door tennis facility, swimming pools, a marina and a sanctuary for whooping cranes - all developed to attract purchasers of variety of residential products at different price points,.

9. Oak Tree, Oklahoma, a 1200-acre master-planned residential community with three championship golf course, in-door and out-door tennis facility, racketball, swimming pools, fitness, restaurants, clubhouse, community centre - all developed to attract purchasers of a variety residential products at different price points.

10.Starr Pass, Arizona, a 1600-acre master-planned resort community with three golf courses, tennis courts, a collection of swimming pools and water park, a 575 JW Marriott convention hotel with five restaurants and bars - all permitted and built within a 50,000-acre State Park and National Monument with hiking and mountain biking trails, and protected wildlife corridors developed to connect a world famous preserve and research facility for the study of the ecology-  of the Upper Sonoran Desert. This project has been awarded as one of the nation's best private and public environmentally sensitive joint-ventures.

Philip Kwong

 Founder and President   3Carbon Extraction


Inspired by his own health, Philip Kwong has been determined to find new ways to help MS patients after he received a diagnosis at the age of 23.  Which subsequently created a relationship with cannabis and charted the course of his career.

After many pharmaceutical trials, Philip began experimenting with cannabis concentrates as a way of developing new methods for symptom relief.  These experiments led to a product that helped to improve the day-to-day side effect of his MS.

With the desire to provide access to a more natural alternative that could reduce the number of pharmaceutical drugs, increase the quality of life and reduce symptom relapse, Philip found 3 Carbon Extractions Inc.  A company based in British Columbia, Canada, creating an industry solution for healthy, compliant and safe extraction.

Philip is an entrepreneur and community-builder who has worked across a variety of emerging industries from cannabis extraction, and research and development technologies to building globally networked multi-vendor mobile digital marketplaces for non-profit groups and other social enterprises.  

His passion for innovation and change drives him to develop and design businesses that can transform people’s lives.

Standards of Performance

Certification and Verification

The "Gold Leaf Standard" third party certification and validation is the highest quality system to ensure your facility and operational services have been reviewed and evaluated by our  experienced team of independent industry experts to meet with and exceed current  federal legislative requirements.

Site Validation

Our team works with government approved methodologies and protocols to assist you in maintaining the highest possible standards of operation and safety requirements for Licensed Producers under  the current ACMPR.

Security of Process

Having the "Gold Leaf Standard" enables you to position your brand should it need to defend itself against potential testing issues and product recall. Assisting in compliance of the  most stringent laboratory requirements, your brand will be recognized by the consumer as having been cultivated and harvested with the utmost of care and attention given to providing  a vibrant ,active, product that is clear of harmful  pesticides, residues and bio-burden.

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